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Auf unserer eLearning Plattform "ci Moodle" haben Sie die Möglichkeit, ergänzend zu Ihrem Präsenztraining bei ci in Ihrem persönlichen Kursraum weiterzulernen. Darüber hinaus werden Exit-Level-Tests, Prüfungsvorbereitungen und Modelltests angeboten. 

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  • Kursergänzende Materialien
  • Prüfungsvorbereitung
  • Modelltests
  • Exit-Level-Tests
  • Fertigkeitentraining
  • Fachsprachentraining
Anmeldung zu Prüfungen und Tests

"The style was informal but focused on my learning needs. The lessons were conducted exclusively in German which accelerated the learning and stretched my vocabulary and grammar ability. As well as using a text book, the lessons also used a variety of other media which made the lessons more interesting and interactive. The flexible lesson plan maximized the benefits I gained from the lessons. The trainer’s approach is both supportive but also challenging, resulting in quick results. I would have no hesitation in recommending to others."

Ian King, München
Expatriate aus Großbritannien
BiosTel Ltd.