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"Lessons with my trainer were tailor-made! He was enthusiastic to on new ideas to make German learning more fun, and more adapted to my way of learning; with music, poems, children books, podcasts etc. I was also delighted to find someone that could also satisfy my curiosity, for ex about the origin of the words, the link with other languages, the south German variations. I did not validate my level with any exam, but being able to have a conversation at lunch time with my 'buddy language partner' or with my german boss & colleagues is the best reward. The lessons were fun & effective, which made me like German. My trainer is particularly kind and genuine, which made me enjoy very much our conversations, despite being always after a long stressful working day. This is one major difference to other teachers I had in the past."

J. Kvistad , Freiburg im Breisgau
Expatriate aus Oslo (Norwegen)