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    German for healthcare professional

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    German for the Healthcare professional

    Match your language skills with your healthcare competence.

    Communication is a critical component in the business of healthcare services, particularly in conversing with patients, their family and friends, fellow healthcare colleagues, therapists and doctors. The transfer of vital information regarding a patient’s health is the primary focus in these encounters. Proper communication services the diagnosis as much as the treatment. International nursing professionals in clinics and emergency rooms require more than a understanding of the medical terminology but also the cultural nuances of the language. „German for Nursing Professionals“ helps you master this challenge.Nursing professionals learn how to communicate and orient themselves in the German healthcare system and clinics through tried and proven methods. Emphasis is placed on communication with patients utilizing case history and nursing care.Practical roleplay scenarios train your communication with co-workers and managers based on realistic nursing situations, discussions regarding nursing challenges as well as converstaions with doctors and patients’s relatives. Specific areas of nursing care may also be addressed upon request.


    • German healthcare system
    • The framework of nursing care in German hospitals (hierarchy, professional training) 
    • Basic medical terminology (anatomy, hospital supplies, abbreviations, wards, etc.)
    • Medical case history
    • Nursing care
    • Nursing call, patient transfers between wards (OR, intensive care)
    • Medical summary of nursing reports
    • Bedside manner
    • Communication with doctors, managers, co-workers and relatives
    • Compiling written documentation etc.
    • Interactive, practice oriented and communicative face to face training

    Target group

    International Nursing professionals in various capacities including outpatient and clinic care scenarios– as well as those wishing to enter the healthcare profession. Those with a relatively good base knowledge of the German language combined with a committment to actively pursuing a career in the nursing field.

    Training schedule

    This course program is available either in our training center or on site in hospitals and clinics nationwide.


    Direct method / natural method: material is delivered, roleplays practiced and excercises conducted in the target language.

    Instructional Material

    „German in nursing“ content material and subjects are covered within 300 lesson units.

    Entry level

    B 1.1

    Target level

    B 2.2


    telc Deutsch B1-B2 Pflege (telc German B1-B2 Nursing )

    Group size

    8 participant maximum


    6 weeks (300 academic lesson units ea. 45 minutes)

    Classroom hours

    Mo-Fr 8:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. 

    5 lesson units each 45 minutes per classroom day

    Course Fee

    2,850.00 Euro covers cost of course and materials. 

    Additional charge for registration and examination fees.


    You may register here directly for course positions still available.

    If you are only interested in taking the telc Deutsch  B1-B2 Pflege (telc German B1-B2 nursing) exam, you may click here to register directly.

    Fachsprachliches Trainingsmaterial

    Fachsprachliches Trainingsmaterial für den Unterricht "Deutsch für Pflegeberufe" können Sie direkt bei uns erwerben. Die Materialien können sowohl unterrichtsbegleitend als auch autodidaktisch eingesetzt werden. 

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